Retail platform launched


Retail platform launched

A platform where you can easily buy bitcoin, instantly and at low cost? A platform where you can easily sell bicoin, for same-day or next day settlements? A platform operated by a trusted financial intermidiary, where your private information and data are safely protected in Switzerland and by Swiss law?

That is the new Bitcoin Suisse Retail Platform, which we introduce to you today, for Swiss, German and Scandinavian customers.

It is online, ready and easy for you to use. So what are you waiting for?

Author: Fabian Hediger

Mr. Fabian Hediger joined Bitcoin Suisse AG in November 2013 and has held a number of responsibilities. Currently he is head of Trading and Customer relationsships. Mr. Fabian Hediger holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration of the University of St. Gallen and is currently completing his Master in Accounting and Finance of the University of St. Gallen.