Our offering.

At Bitcoin Suisse, we think further.

  • Trading & Prime Brokerage

    Bitcoin Suisse has more than 5 years of expertise in trading crypto assets.

  • Storage

    Hyper secure cold storage for a wide range of tokens in the Bitcoin Suisse Vault.

  • Crypto Financial Solutions

    The vibrant environment of crypto currencies needs solid solutions.

  • Collateralized Lending

    Bitcoin Suisse offers crypto-asset collateralized loans in USD, EUR, GBP and CHF to increase cash flow and provide fiat liquidity, against a pledge of crypto-assets.

  • Related services

    In addition to our main services, we also offer a variety of related crypto services such as staking, stablecoins and crypto certificates.


We empower our clients through pioneering crypto-financial services. For over 5 years.

  • 2010

    Niklas Nikolajsen discovers Bitcoin

  • 2013

    Foundation of Bitcoin Suisse AG

  • 2014

    Bitcoin Suisse becomes first-ever VQF (SRO) member specialized in Crypto Assets

  • 2015

    First anti-money laundering audit passed

  • 2016

    City of Zug accepts Bitcoin, as the first public entity in the world, Bitcoin Suisse acting as underlying service provider

  • 2017

    Bitcoin Suisse helps ICO entities raise over USD 1.1 bn

  • 2018

    Bitcoin Suisse launches first Swiss Crypto Franc

  • 2019

    Launch of new Bitcoin Suisse Online platform

  • Niklas Nikolajsen
    With Bitcoin Suisse, we pioneered crypto-financial services in Switzerland and we will continue to do so for the merits of our clients and the world!
    Founder, Chairman, Co-CEO
    Niklas Nikolajsen
  • Arthur Vayloyan
    As we move into the next phase of finance, I see tremendous potential. Coming from traditional finance, I feel privileged to open this new world of possibilities to our clients.
    Dr. Arthur Vayloyan

Founded in 2013, we are Switzerland's oldest, regulated, professional company for crypto-financial services. We played a crucial role in the development of the crypto valley and the overall Swiss blockchain ecosystem. Most of all, we continue to strive forward in delivering cutting-edge solutions for our clients.