Bitcoin Suisse offers crypto-asset collateralized loans to increase cash flow and provide fiat liquidity for various purposes, against a pledge of crypto assets.

Our offering


  • Large loan amounts
  • Long duration
  • Cost efficient interest rates
  • Easy deposits and withdrawals of pledged assets
  • Soft and hard margin calls
  • Individual assessment of the lending value of your portfolio
  • 24/7 monitoring of collateral value

Subject to individual assessment and passing of KYC/AML check

Collateralized Lending

The collateralized lending offers clients to remain invested in crypto assets while still having fiat liquidity at their disposal.

Bitcoin Suisse offers crypto-asset collateralized loans in USD, EUR and CHF to increase cash flow and provide fiat liquidity, against a pledge of crypto assets. The crypto assets pledged as collateral are stored in the hyper secure Bitcoin Suisse Vault.

Product Details

All collateral-, market monitoring and management is performed inhouse by Bitcoin Suisse. In case of questions, clients always have a designated Account Manager at availability through the trade- and service desk of Bitcoin Suisse.

All fees and costs are included in the terms of the credit. The collateral is stored in a segregated account in the name of the client and remains locked while the credit is active. As the value of the collateral increases or decreases, collateral can be withdrawn, added or the credit can be expanded. The client is provided with an online access to monitor, both collateral as well as the credit position at all times.

Interest Rates and Terms

Generally the collateralization of credit is minimally 200% – to protect clients against constant threat of margin calls. Duration of credits issued is a minimum of three months. Credit sizes start at 250’000 USD and are available up to single positions of 50 million USD. Multiple crypto-assets are accepted as collateral.
The interest rate is subject to an individual assessment for each credit agreement and is determined by the liquidity and value of the collateral offered as well as the size of the credit.

Potential risks

A collateralized loan is a way of leveraging your portfolio, hence it has an inherent risk. We encourage responsible financial behaviour and kindly highlight that this product comes with risks, including but not limited to, market volatility, currency risk and volatility of the pledged crypto assets. This could require you to deposit further crypto assets as collateral or Bitcoin Suisse to liquidate your existing collateral or parts thereof.

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