Bitcoin Suisse is facilitating ICOs/TGEs (Initial Coin Offerings/Token Generation Events) by collecting compliance documents and funds of participants through the ICO platform.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Suisse also offers advisory services, storage solutions and liquidation of raised funds through the trading desk.

In 2017 Bitcoin Suisse has worked on ICOs that have raised close to CHF 1bn. Some of the most prominent ICOs include: Melonport ($3 million), Bancor ($153 million), Status ($100 million) and OmiseGO ($25 million).


Participate in a Public ICO

The Bitcoin Suisse ICO platform offers an automated process to facilitate public token sales. If you wish to contribute in ICOs facilitated by Bitcoin Suisse you can simply open an account and register for an ICO.

Access ICO platform

Launch an ICO

Bitcoin Suisse offers various services around the launch of ICOs. For instance, advisory from ICO experts, which ensure that the ICO is structured and planned in the most efficient and promising way. In addition to that, Bitcoin Suisse also offers to facilitate the collection of compliance documents and funds through the ICO platform. After a successful ICO it is also possible to liquidate the collected crypto assets through the Bitcoin Suisse trading desk.

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